Not Just Mailing It In

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Blog

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a hearing instrument through the mail or online, consider this: Today’s selection procedures utilize computers, which factor in hearing test results, loud sound tolerance, and multiple listening environments. The computer then indicates which models and settings would be most appropriate, after which the hearing instrument specialist fine-tunes adjustments based on the wearer’s personal preferences. The appropriateness of the fitting may be verified by the wearer listening to, and repeating, words presented in quiet or background noise. Then, a microphone placed in the ear canal may be used to measure the sound produced by the hearing instrument in the ear. All this requires a personal touch that cannot be duplicated by a one-size-fits-all device.

Once you have made the significant investment in better hearing, it’s important that your hearing instrument is operating at maximum performance and that you are comfortable wearing it.  That’s hardly something you’ll find via the internet or mail order, and that’s why BETTER HEARING CENTER has made the commitment to provide you with personal attention from a clinical audiologist and other highly trained, skilled professionals, as well as carefully chosen, custom-fitted quality products. Start the process to better hearing—have your hearing tested soon at New Hampshire’s premier hearing care provider.

P.S. Dealing with an Audiologist in person effectively addresses any concerns that may arise during the all-important follow-up period after the initial fitting.