Making Small Talk

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Blog

Recent research underlines the important role that good hearing plays in the lives of developing children. It seems that babies are more likely to listen to one another than they are to listen to adults, and listening to other babies helps small children develop speech. Researchers found that, even before they begin to speak for themselves, five-month-old babies spent 40 percent more time listening to the vocalizations of other babies than they did to adults making the same sounds. Infants find the speech of other infants to be quite captivating; it can hold their attention and even prompt positive emotions. Their fascination with “baby talk” is thought to support the earliest stages of speech development.

As a primary source of information for learning, the auditory system is key for a child’s healthy development. Because there are many different reasons for any hearing loss, early detection is crucial to successfully addressing the impairment. In fact, infants can be tested for hearing abilities as young as a few hours old. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s hearing, or if you’d like to make an appointment to have your own hearing tested, please give us a call at BETTER HEARING CENTER. We are New Hampshire’s premier hearing care provider.

P.S. One to three of every 1,000 babies born have some degree of hearing loss. Newborn hearing screening is essential.